Do you like Riesling?

Do you like Riesling?

Riesling is without doubt one of the finest white grape varieties in the world!

The style of wines varies from bone dry with nervous acidity to sweet Auslese Riesling with honeycomb and fig aromas. Citrus blossom, stone fruits, flint, papaya, lime, petroleum, fennel – are just some of the aromas you can find in Riesling.

With such multi-dimensional profile wines made from Riesling over the centuries have gained millions of fans as well as disinterest further tasting & even shock!

That’s exactly what happened to one of our clients!

She confessed to me that even though the best Michelin-Star restaurants & 5 Star Hotels suggest it in their tasting menus she still doesn’t understand or enjoy it.

We met for a glass of wine & after 10-min-conversation and one glass of Pfalz Riesling she said “WOW”.

A collection of 20 finest Rieslings from all around the world was curated upon her request. A bespoke book featuring all 20 wines, deeper knowledge into styles & regions of best world Rieslings accompanied this wonderful collection.

As a result of this extraordinary experience our client knows exactly which styles she adores, she is confident of her choice at the restaurants & when recommending Riesling wines to her friends and family.

Most importantly our client has discovered the wine of her life!

Which region or grape variety would YOU like to be an expert in?


Ksenia Karpenko