The Coming of Age Collection: How to Instil a Fondness for Wine In Your Family

Every parent wants to see their children grow up and do amazing things with their lives, while appreciating their family’s culture and heritage.

And — hear my out — I believe that introducing them to the beauty of fine wine, at their legal age, is the best way to do so. Here’s why:

We all know that parents are, by and large, the biggest influence on their children. They tend to mimic their carer’s best traits when it comes to everything from appreciating music to travel and literature. That’s why building the right relationship with wine is especially important: our children, whether we like it or not, are legally exposed to alcohol from the age of 18 — we need to be able to offer them an appreciation of moderation as well as the enjoyment of the finesse of beautiful wine. 

To help you do this, we created a collection of 21 fine wines which represents the past, present and the future… with you and your family’s needs, memories, and future in mind.


A Fully Personalised Experience


The Coming of Age Collection comes from a solid and highly personal foundation, which is based on the year your child was born. Every collection is one-of-a- kind, tailored to your preferences and budget.

As an example: you may prefer all 21 exquisite bottles to be wines from Bordeaux, while someone else would like to see a sprinkling of white wines, dessert wines and Champagnes in this beautiful selection. Someone else might wish to have every wine in a Magnum, or to add a specific Chateau that they personally love. All of this is very much obtainable — because you are our primary focus. This experience is about you and your family only.

This hand-picked approach is not only a beautiful way to get to know the world of wine together with your child, but it’s also a wonderful way for them to enjoy the privilege of owning a completely exclusive, personally tailored collection of fabulous wines.


An Opportunity for Reflection and Knowledge


Every wine collection comes with a Bespoke Bound Book featuring the history of the wine estates, which includes stories from the winemakers, tasting notes, gastronomic pairings and serving suggestion as well as recommendations for wine ageing.

When building this collection, we encourage our clients to think of memorable stories and anecdotes that relate to the early years of their children (and onwards). The book will feature treasured family photos and unforgettable memories covering the 21 years of your child's life. We curate the collection when the your child is five years old, printing it straight away. We re-print the book with an additional 16 years’ worth of stories just before their 21st birthday.


A Lesson in Building Appreciation


A bespoke wine collection is the perfect way to kickstart your child's appreciation for the finer things in life. Not only does this gift serve as a potential for learning about the wonders of wine, but it also helps build their confidence and sophistication.

The most amazing gifts are the ones we wish to receive ourselves. Imagine your parents planned a gift for your 21st birthday when you were just 5 or 6 years old? It's the epitome of thoughtfulness and love!


Fully Bespoke Packaging and Cellaring


Your tailored collection will be packaged in a personalised wooden case (engraved with your birthday message and the name of your child), stored safely away in a bonded warehouse ready for that oh so special 21st birthday.

The Vault Service at the In Bond Warehouse always — without fail — provides the finest conditions needed for wine cellaring, as well as the certification of pristine storage and all the necessary risk insurance to protect the wine at its current market value.


A Truly Long-term Investment


All the wines that we select have decades of potential for further ageing and are considered to be investment-grade with the prospect of bringing fantastic ROI. Over the last fifteen years, the fine wine market has outperformed every major financial index, including that of the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

As the pandemic hit the markets in March 2020, fine wine kept steady footing. On the 30th of June 2020, top individual fine wine performances matched Golds 14% growth in the year. The fine wine stock exchange, Liv-ex, saw its benchmarks maintain positive growth compared to financial marketsextreme volatility with the FTSE 100 standing at -18.4% and S&P 500 -5.3%, a recovery from the extreme losses in April.

When we invest in fine wine, we can expect a steady 127% growth, over the span of a decade, both in price and value. Plus, there is no capital gains tax to be paid on such an investment, as wine is considered to be a wasting asset. Finally, it’s a great way to diversify your investment portfolio. Even Warren Buffet advises to put 1% of all investments into fine wine! Remember: wine is a tangible asset that has an inherent, physical value unlike stocks and shares.

This collection isn't simply a fun and unique gift for your emancipated teenager: it's an investment in their future.


The Gift that Keeps on Giving


The collection is designed in such a way that the birthday girl or boy will have the pleasure of discovering a new bottle of wine every year, starting from their 21st birthday. The wines are curated to be opened at their peak performance and time of maturation. The idea is that your child will be celebrating their 45th Birthday with the last – 21st - bottle from their exclusive wine collection. How remarkable is that?!

The Coming Of Age Collection offers everything that the perfect gift for your beloved child (future adult!) ever could offer: knowledge and confidence, an appreciation of family culture (as well as other cultures, of course), an opportunity for remarkable memories — but most importantly, it serves as an excuse to bring their closest people together over an exceptional glass of wine.


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