The 10 Top Producers of the Pfzal Region

Exceptional wines come from exceptional craftsmanship!
With a rich winemaking tradition dating back centuries, the Pfalz region is full of incredibly prolific producers that have refined the art of winemaking while always paying close attention to nature’s needs and biodiversity.
All of our favourite producers listed in this post are members of the prestigious VDP (Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter) association, which, since its founding in 1910, brings together approximately 200 of the finest wine-growing estates in Germany.


Led by the president of the VDP Steffen Christmann and his daughter Sophie, this winery is located in the town of Gimmeldingen and was founded in the 16th Century.
Nowadays is best known for producing elegant and expressive Rieslings which are made using traditional winemaking techniques.
A. Christmann is committed to sustainable farming practices and strives to create wines that reflect the unique terroir of the Pfalz.

Philipp Kuhn
Philipp Kuhn is a modern and innovative winery located in Laumersheim. The winery produces a range of red and whites (Weissburgunder and Riesling), with a focus on single vineyard wines that reflect the unique terroir of the region. They use modern winemaking techniques to produce wines that are both elegant and approachable.

Dr. Bürklin-Wolf
Dr. Buerklin-Wolf is one of the largest and most renowned wineries in the Pfalz region with a history that dates back to 1597.
Bettina Bürklin-von Guradze inherited the Estate from her parents in 1990. Together with Christian von Guradze, she was one of the first in Germany to introduce the classification of vineyard sites according to the Burgundian model, this had a decisive influence on the development of top German viticulture.
The main goal of Dr. Bürklin-Wolf  is to continue where their ancestors left off: producing Riesling of the highest quality in harmony with nature. To achieve this, the entire vineyard was converted to biodynamic cultivation in 2005 to allow the diversity and depth of the terroir to be perfectly reflected in the wines.

Reichsrat von Buhl
Established in 1849, Weingut Reichsrat von Buhl, is a highly esteemed winery located  in Mittelhaardt, the heart of the Pfalz region.
With 56 hectares of land, the winery is committed to producing top-notch, terroir-focused wines. The vineyards and wines of Reichsrat von Buhl have been certified organic since 2009, showcasing a harmonious blend of 170 years of viticultural experience and modern-day knowledge of ecological and sustainable practices.

Family-owned and operated since 1876, Weingut Knipser is a winery based in Laumersheim renowned for producing exquisite and sophisticated wines.
The vineyards, which cover over 40 hectares, employ sustainable farming techniques and grow a variety of grape varieties, including Riesling, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay.

Run by Hansjörg Rebholz and his son, Valentin, Rebholz is a family-owned winery located in the southern area of Pfalz.
With a heritage spanning over 150 years, this 7 hectares winery is deeply committed to sustainable viticulture practices and uses grapes that are meticulously handpicked and processed with minimal intervention.
Rebholz wines are known for exceptional quality and unique expression of the region's terroir. 

Founded in 1718 by the French Pierre Jordan, Wassermann-Jordan is a family-owned winery with a 250-year history.
Currently run by the 8th and 9th generations of the family, boasts 17 hectares of vineyards with a strong emphasis on Riesling.
The wines produced by Wassermann-Jordan are renowned for their complexity, balance, and their ability to truly capture the unique terroir of the region.

Georg Mosbacher
Georg Mosbacher is a family-owned winery that was founded in 1921 by Richard Mosbacher Snr. in the beautiful village of Forst. The estate has almost 20 hectares of vineyards and is now run by Sabine Mosbacher-Düringer and her husband Jürgen Düringer, who are the third generation of the family to manage the business.
The particular strength of this winery lies in their attention to nature and their sustainable practices they employ to let the grapes ripe to perfection.
The results are fine wines with an unmistakable fruitiness and a fresh and lively character.

One of the latest addition to the Pfalz Region, The Rings Winery was established in 2001 in Freinsheim.  Andy and Steffen, the two brothers who run the winery, are driven by their passion for experimentation and they ambitiously combine tradition with innovative approaches, while always keeping the quality of the wine at the forefront of their work.

Sektgut Christmann and Kauffmann
Sektgut Christmann and Kauffmann is a joint venture between the Christmann family and Ulrich Kaufmann, the former chef de cave at Bollinger Champagne and Weingut Reichsrat von Buhl.
This winery was founded with the sole desire to produce exceptional Sekt.
This quintessentially German dry sparkling wine comes from the blend of signature Pfalz grapes such as Riesling, Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir), Chardonnay, and Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc). 
By employing a combination of traditional and innovative winemaking techniques, Christmann and Kauffmann produce a sparkling wine that is complex, nuanced, and delicious.