The 3 Must-Try Wines From Santorini

The island's volcanic soil and extreme climate combine harmoniously to nurture the flourishing of high-quality Assyrtiko vines, which have thrived here for centuries.
Talented winemakers harness the potential of these exceptional grapes to craft fine wines with a unique sense of place.
Santorini wines are renowned for their characteristics interplay of salinity, acidity, and full-bodied flavour.

2021 Estate Argyros, Assirtyko

From 150-year-old unirrigated Assyrtiko vines, this wine showcases the essence of Santorini’s native grape with its great elegance, finesse and minerality.

The grapes are exclusively picked by hand from Santorini's volcanic soils, which provide the grapes with their special character and are then matured in stainless steel tanks to enhance their natural salinity.

Thanks to its refreshing and signature acidity, this wine also has a great ageing potential of 10-15 years. 
Golden yellow and medium-bodied, this Assyrtiko presents delightful aromas of citrus peel, white blossom, pink grapefruit, and a touch of ginger spice. The acidity contrasts beautifully with a smooth, waxy texture on the palate.

Pair it with high-quality fish like grilled sea bass and shellfish like oysters for a truly unique dining experience. 



2019 Hatzidakis, Skitali

This is a special 100% Assyrtiko wine that tells a story of passion and family tradition, reflecting the love for winemaking passed down through generations.
Skitali, which means "baton" in Greek, symbolizes how the winery was carried on from one generation to the next.
After Haridimos Hatzidakis passed away in 2017, his children and wife chose to honour his legacy by continuing to produce unique Santorini wines. Today, Haridimos's daughter, Stella Hatzidakis, leads the winery.

The 2019 Skitali has a soft yellow colour with golden shades. It was aged for 12 months on the lees, giving it delightful aromas of white flowers, apricot, and citrus fruits.

On the palate, it shows a bold character with a long finish, brimming with minerality, vibrant acidity, and a light waxy touch.

This Assyrtiko wine pairs wonderfully with various dishes like fish, chicken, and pork, making it a versatile and delightful choice for any meal.



2018 Volcanic Slopes, Pure Assyrtiko

Volcanic Slopes Vineyards winery produces exclusively a single wine called ‘Pure’. 
Focusing on precision, purity, and essence in their winemaking, The founders, Manolis Chloridis and Matthaios Argyros, had a dream to create a wine of uncompromising quality, and that's how "Pure" came to be.

The 2018 Pure is a peculiar vintage as it is the earliest picked harvest in over 10 years. Due to the lack of rainfall, the grapes matured faster which forced an early harvest and a 45% reduction in production.
Matured and fermented in buried concrete tanks, the wine was then aged for 14 months with its fine lees and finally let to rest for another year in the cellar after bottling.
This 100% Assyrtiko wine has a yellow colour with green hues and boasts impressive aromas of sweet lemon, orange peel, peach, grapefruit, pear, lime, green apple, dough, and wet stone. On the palate, it has a wonderful structure, balance, rich body, and sharp acidity.
To fully appreciate this unique white wine, serve this white more like a red wine: the temperature needs slightly warmer than usual, at around 14-15 C and savoured in larger glasses, usually suited for reds.
Pair it with oysters, sushi, ceviche and fatty fish for a delightful dining experience.